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Why choose ceramic fixed braces?

Some adult patients find that, due to their modern hectic lifestyles, they prefer to have their brace fixed on their teeth for the duration of their treatment, rather than having to remove and replace it frequently during the day. The same often applies for children, with parents preferring the reassurance that the brace is fixed on their child’s teeth and is active at all times.

Ceramic fixed braces offer all the benefits of the metal option but in a much more cosmetic way. They are tooth coloured rather than shiny metal, and are designed to be as discreet as possible. Ceramic brackets are becoming more popular with patients looking for predictable and precise treatment with an exceptional outcome.

At Only Orthodontics, we favour the 3M Clarity Advanced ceramic bracket system, one of the best fixed brace systems in the world. The Clarity brackets are smaller and made of a translucent material which blends with your tooth shade for a beautifully ceramic approach. They are comfortable to wear and help you feel more confident during treatment, as they are much less visible to others when worn than metal.

How do ceramic fixed braces work?

As the name suggests, ceramic fixed braces are fitted to your teeth for the duration of your treatment and cannot be removed. The gentle forces are continuously at work to straighten your teeth.


At your first appointment, we examine your teeth and ensure you are suitable for fixed braces. We take digital scans in order to precisely plan your treatment.


The tooth coloured brackets are securely attached to the front of your teeth using a dental adhesive, and the archwire threaded through them. The wire is shaped to gradually move the positions of your teeth, and is assessed, tightened and adjusted at your regular appointments.


At the end of your treatment, we carefully remove the brackets and wire to reveal your beautiful new smile! We provide you with retainers, give you advice on how to maintain your results and leave you to enjoy showing off your smile. We supervise your retainers for one year following the removal of your fixed braces.

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What are the advantages of ceramic fixed braces?
  • A more discreet option than the traditional metal
  • Constantly at work, with no interruption to the treatment process
  • More compact and comfortable brackets
  • Predictable treatment which gives fantastic results
  • A suitable option for most patients
Spread the cost of treatment

We are pleased to offer ways to help make your treatment more affordable. We offer interest free payment plans, enabling you to spread the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly payments. This is not a finance plan but rather staged payments to help ease the cost pressure on you.

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Frequently asked questions
How do I clean my fixed brace?

While you are undergoing fixed brace treatment, you need to pay careful and close attention to your dental hygiene. It is important to brush at least twice a day for two minutes with a regular toothbrush, and to use interdental brushes to clean between the brackets to prevent decay. We also recommend the daily use of a fluoride mouthwash.

Can I eat normally with a fixed brace?

You can eat normally, as your brace is strongly fixed to your teeth. However, we do advise avoiding hard, sticky or chewy foods, as these could dislodge your brackets or wire, or damage your brace. We also recommend you avoid sugary drinks and sweets, to avoid discolouration of your teeth caused by decay.

Can my tooth coloured fixed brace become stained?

The ceramic brackets of your fixed brace are resistant to staining. The clear elastic bands that hold the wire in place are susceptible to staining, but there is no need to worry too much about this as these can be replaced at your regular appointments. If you are worried about staining, it is best to avoid darker foods and drinks, such as tea, coffee and curry.

Are tooth coloured fixed braces noticeable?

As they are tooth coloured, ceramic fixed braces are significantly less visible when worn than the metal equivalent. The brackets are smaller, and blend into your teeth much more effectively, resulting in a more cosmetic look. We also use tooth coloured wires that reduce the visibility of your brace.

Will fixed braces damage my teeth?

No, fixed braces will not damage your teeth. We are experienced in the professional placement and removal of the brackets to ensure your tooth enamel and structure is unaffected. To help us keep your teeth healthy during treatment, you need to maintain an excellent brushing routine at home as well as following our dietary advice.

Why do I need to wear a retainer?

Wearing a retainer is essentially the final part of orthodontic treatment. Teeth have a habit of moving out of position, so regular wear of your retainers prevents this from happening and keeps your smile straight for the long term. There is no cut off point to stop wearing your retainers because there is no point in your life when your teeth will stop moving, therefore you simply need to wear your retainers at night time for as long as you want to keep your teeth straight.

Our payment schemes are a great solution to spread the costs of treatments Find out more
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