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How to look after your braces

Fixed do& donts

How to look after your removable braces. (Removable appliances do’s and don’ts)

Removable do&dont

Advice on wearing elastics

  • Elastics need to be worn as advised by your orthodontist. Failure to do so is likely to result in delay to your treatment and failure to achieve an ideal outcome.
  • Using the elastics can cause some discomfort in the first few days of wear but this will soon improve.
  • If you finish or lose your elastics, please call the practice and we would post you a new pack.

What if I broke my brace

  • Please call the practice and we would advise you on what to do.
  • If your appointment is imminent, it may be possible to wait for your appointment time as long as the breakage is not causing any discomfort.
  • If you are experiencing some discomfort, we will do our best to schedule an emergency appointment to alleviate the discomfort as soon as possible.

Components of the fixed appliance:

I can’t wear my removable brace

  • It is normal to experience some discomfort in the first few days of wearing a new removable brace. Allow some time and take analgesics if required.
  • If you break your removable brace, try to continue wearing the brace if possible, as long as it is comfortable to wear and is not loose in the mouth, call us for advice to establish if you will need to come in to have the brace repaired.

I play a musical instrument

  • Although having a brace will temporarily affect musical performance, the good news is that with practice and motivation, most wind instrument players can adjust to wearing braces. Before starting treatment talk to your orthodontist about how treatment may affect your performance.
  • If you play a woodwind instrument, you are likely to adjust to your new brace very quickly.
  • If you play a brass instrument, there will be a longer adjustment period and you may initially have problems playing high notes, especially soon after your brace is first fitted.
  • Wind instrument players sometimes get a dry mouth whilst practicing or performing. Consider practicing for no more than 15 minutes at a time and take regular breaks to drink plenty of water. Avoid drinking fruit drinks, fizzy drinks and sugary drinks, which can all cause damage to your teeth.
  • If you have teeth removed as part of your treatment, it may be a good idea to stop playing your instrument for approximately two weeks until healing has occurred.

My retainer is lost or broken

Please call us as soon as possible as any delay may result in permanent change to the alignment of your teeth. We will try to accommodate you for an urgent appointment as soon as possible to replace your lost or broken retainer as required.



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