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First Visit

We recognise that your first visit to an Orthodontist may be a daunting prospect; however we would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that in most cases your initial consultation involves little more than an examination of the mouth and face followed by a discussion.

When you first contact the practice to make an appointment, you will be advised that you will be sent confirmation of your appointment along with a medical questionnaire, which we require to be completed prior to your visit.  When you arrive at the practice and check in at reception, you will be asked for your completed questionnaire and advised to take a seat in our waiting room.

We will then call you into the surgery for a consultation with the Orthodontist. If you are under eighteen, you will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian for your initial consultation and any subsequent review appointments that may be necessary before treatment is commenced.  We recognise that during treatment, older children often like to attend the practice without their parents present however we would like to make you aware that we welcome the involvement of parents throughout their child’s treatment as we feel that this significantly contributes to successful treatment.

If you have had a private consultation and wish to commence with treatment, we will then schedule a treatment planning appointment for you. At this appointment, we will conduct a full clinical assessment, take radiographs, photographs and impressions of your teeth which will allow us to make plaster models.  Following this appointment, you will be able to make an appointment, which allows us to start your treatment, and in the meantime you will receive a document, which details your treatment plan, your treatment fees and a treatment consent form.

If you have had an NHS assessment there are a variety of scenarios, which can occur following your appointment:

  • You have decided not to have treatment based on the initial assessment and will be discharged back to the care of your dentist.
  • You have not met the criteria dictated by the Government to qualify for NHS treatment and will either be discharged back to the care of your dentist or if you require, we can provide you with a quote for Private treatment.
  • You may not be ready to commence treatment and we will arrange to contact you for a subsequent appointment in the future.
  • If you meet the criteria dictated by the Government, which allows you to receive treatment funded by the NHS, you will be placed on our waiting list and we will contact you when we are able to commence treatment.

If you need treatment, the orthodontist will explain the following:

  1. Reasons for having treatment, the type of braces required and if any dental extractions are required to facilitate the treatment.
  2. Estimated length of treatment.
  3. Expected time for starting your treatment.
  4. The commitments required from you to guarantee a successful treatment.


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