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NHS Treatment

NHS orthodontic treatment is available for children under 18 years of age who require braces for dental health reasons or marked cosmetic problems. For example:

• Very crowded teeth
• Teeth that stick out
• Significant disruption of the bite
• Missing adult teeth

The IOTN (Index of Treatment Need) is used in the UK to assess the need and eligibility of children under 18 years of age for NHS orthodontic treatment on dental health grounds. If a patient is well motivated with good oral health and eligible by the IOTN, we will offer NHS treatment. IOTN is an objective and reliable method to determine those children who will benefit most from treatment and helps to prioritise NHS resources.

As specialists in orthodontics, we are extremely well practiced in the use of IOTN and well positioned to assess, offer advice and subsequent treatment if needed.

We are happy to arrange an NHS orthodontic assessment for all children requiring it but please note that to be seen under the NHS their general dentist must refer your child. We will write to you on receipt of a referral and invite you to contact us in order that we can schedule an appointment for you. We would hope to see you promptly to offer advice however, depending on severity there may be a wait of some months following this before active treatment might commence. These factors are beyond our control.

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