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Referral Guidance

Guidance for Dentists on orthodontic referrals is available on the British Orthodontic Society website under “Making an orthodontic referral”.

You may find the following documents produced by the British Orthodontic Society helpful:

Referral Guide for GDP’s »
Managing the developing dentition »

A word about NHS waiting list:

Our NHS waiting list time is currently 22-24 months for patients with no health need for urgent treatment, although, it is possible for us to give certain patients priority to start sooner where there is a clear clinical need for an urgent start, for example:

  • Patients with impacted canines, where there is a risk of root damage to adjacent teeth.
  • Patients who need functional appliance treatment, who would need to start before the end of their growth spurt.

In the interest of fairness to all our patients, we cannot reduce waiting list times where there is no clinical need, for example:

  • Patients with severe crowding.
  • Patients with speech problems.
  • Patients with IOTN 5 but no clinical reason for urgency.
  • Patients who prefer an earlier start due to school/college commitments.

Equally, there are situations where waiting a period of time would be of benefit to the patient, for example:

  • Patients awaiting exfoliation of their primary dentition.
  • Patients with CIII skeletal problems, where treatment may be best delayed until after their growth spurt.

The above clinical situations are only examples and are not inclusive of all possible clinical scenarios. Please contact us for advice if you have any inquiries.

You may find the following page helpful on the BOS website:

When should I refer for an orthodontic assessment?

Click here to find out

A word about private referrals:

We provide a full range of private orthodontic treatments with a variety of appliances.

Treatments could range from the simple alignments, taking as little as six months, through comprehensive complex orthodontic treatments to advanced cases involving orthognathic surgical elements.

The type of appliance we prescribe depends on the patient’s clinical need and their preferences for a discreet appliance if this is a priority.

We do not advocate a certain type of appliance to fit all patients.

Instead, we aim to offer our patients the best possible appliance that would suit their own clinical, aesthetic and financial needs.

Bearing in mind the vast array of orthodontic appliances advertised on the Internet, by specialists and non-specialists alike, we appreciate how hard it can be for the patients to make an informed decision about the best appliance that could deliver their desired outcome. Therefore, our first aim on a new patient consultation would be to provide the patient with as much information as possible about their orthodontic problem and the best suitable appliance for them without prejudice to a certain type of appliance or treatment philosophy.



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